A powered block is a solid block that receives and outputs redstone power.


A powered block is the key to all circuits and is often looked over. A block changing state causes a block update.


When any of these is true, the state of the block becomes powered;

  1. A wire pointing towards the block, following its rules.
  2. A powered wire on top of the block.
  3. A powered torch underneath that block, regardless of it standing or hanging.
  4. A powered repeater pointing towards the side of that block.
  5. An enabled lever on the side or top of that block.
  6. A pressed button.
  7. A pressed wooden- or stone pressure plate on top of the block.
  8. Enabled detector rail.

When a note block becomes powered by anything other than a repeater, it will make a sound. This doesn't apply if there are anything (not even Redstone wire) on top of it.


When a block is powered, it will immediately output to any number of these;

  1. A wire anywhere around the block, unless it was powered by only a wire.
  2. A torch mounted on the side or on top of the block.
  3. A repeater facing away from the side of the block.
  4. A trap-, wooden or iron door anywhere around the block. (1)
  5. A dispenser anywhere around the block. (2)
  6. A booster rail anywhere around the block.

(1) If the block is being powered by a repeater, a glitch causes the doors not function. (2) A dispenser itself can be used as powered block, powering other dispensers.